Dentures Forest Grove

A toothache can be a very uncomfortable experience, especially if it is one of your lower back teeth. While root canal therapy has a high success rate, there are times when the damage to your teeth cannot be repaired and extraction is needed. When this happens, a denture may be required to replace the missing tooth or teeth. These restorations are designed to closely resemble natural teeth and can make you feel like your smile is whole again.

Whether you need a full or partial denture, these durable and functional dental appliances are the best solution for patients with missing teeth. In addition to restoring the look and function of your smile, they can also prevent bone loss in your jaw and help maintain your facial structure. If you are a candidate for dentures, we will be happy to evaluate your oral health and recommend the best option for your needs.

Dentures Forest Grove

In recent years, denture technology has drastically improved Dentures Forest Grove to deliver dentures that are durable, long-lasting, and appear to be your natural teeth. In addition to traditional dentures, we offer both implant-supported dentures and hybrid dentures that combine as few as four dental implants with a full upper or lower arch of fixed restorations.

If you are interested in a full or partial denture, contact us to schedule an appointment. We will take measurements of your mouth to determine the proper fit and provide you with a temporary set while your permanent dentures are created.

Dentures should be removed at night before going to bed to allow the gum tissues to rest and the normal cleaning by the tongue and saliva. We recommend brushing your dentures daily and soaking them at least once per day in room temperature water to keep them clean. It is also important to schedule regular follow up appointments so that we can adjust them for comfort and fit.

If you have a denture and are experiencing pain, it is important to seek dental care immediately. You should not ignore your discomfort because it can lead to more serious issues, such as infection or the loosening of the surrounding teeth. A denture that does not fit properly can also cause discomfort and even impact your speech. The most common signs of an ill-fitting denture include a swollen or sore palate, difficulty eating or chewing, and frequent slipping and falling out of the mouth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our office as soon as possible for an emergency dental appointment.

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