How Dry Mouth Lozenges Can Benefit You

Salese Dry Mouth Lozenges

Salese Dry Mouth Lozenges

Dry mouth is an uncomfortable condition that can lead to bad breath and other oral health complications. These complications include gum disease (periodontal disease), bad breath (gingivitis) and an increase in tooth corrosion leading to cavities.

This is because the natural production of saliva in the mouth helps maintain a pH balance preventing acid corrosion. The saliva also washes away food particles and residue to prevent plaque and tartar build-up that are the main causes of cavities.

Dry mouth lozenges have been designed to combat dry mouth and the related complications in the following ways:

1. Saliva Production

In the same way that sucking or chewing anything promotes the production of saliva in the mouth, sucking lozenges increases the natural process of saliva production. When you start to chew food, signals are sent to the salivary glands to produce moisture to help you masticate (chew) and swallow your food.

To get long lasting benefits from using dry mouth lozenges, place the lozenge under the tongue where the saliva glands exist or in your cheek and suck as needed. This will make the lozenge last longer, providing greater benefits.

2. Disinfecting

It is recommended to opt for lozenges that have a disinfecting quality. This will help maintain good oral hygiene and prevent gingivitis, periodontal disease and cavities. Basically, the lozenge will replace the function of the saliva in ensuring a clean and healthy mouth.

However, it is essential to avoid sucking lozenges that contain sugar. The constant contact of sugar with the teeth will simply increase the likelihood of cavities occurring. Their are a wide variety of sugar free lozenges available on the market from herbal types to those containing artificial sweeteners and flavors. You may also want to stay away from the artificial variety if you are health conscious and worried about what you put in your body.

3. Refreshing

Dry mouth lozenges come in a wide range of flavors to meet a number of different individual preferences. The flavor is however not just for your enjoyment but can cover bad odors caused by dry mouth and stimulate saliva production.

DryMouth-300x169Minty flavors are the most popular with citrus and berry also providing fragrant benefits. If you are sucking lozenges that have natural flavors, make sure that they are not too acidic. Artificial flavors last longer and should help maintain the pH balance in the mouth.

4. Use Instructions

The main function of dry mouth lozenges is to promote saliva production and prevent oral disease. But if you don’t have enough liquid in your body to produce saliva, the lozenges will have a decreased effect. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to help solve your dry mouth condition.

Keeping a water bottle nearby and sipping continuously will help keep you hydrated. Drinking water while sucking a lozenge will increase the effectiveness. However, this could also result in the lozenge dissolving faster so for the best results, drink water before sucking your lozenge. Information on Salese Dry Mouth Lozenges can be found and purchased online.

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