Long Sleeve Wool Shirt for Hiking

Merino wool is a natural insulator and moisture wicker that helps keep you comfortable in the outdoors. A long sleeve wool shirt is the ideal option for warmer weather hikes or just as a base layer when it’s cooler. Our selection of long sleeve wool shirts includes versatile colorways and fits to help you find your perfect hiking top.

Oiselle touts merino as the “Swiss Army knife” of fabrics, and its Flyout Wool Tee is a great example of a well-designed tee made with merino wool and synthetic polyester (Bluesign approved). The fabric has a smooth surface with excellent stretchability, making it a perfect choice for all-day wear.

The Oiselle Women’s Midweight Crew Neck Merino T-Shirt is another great example of a tee that combines merino wool with synthetic polyester, combining the elasticity and breathability of merino with the durability of a poly. Its $58 price tag puts it into the affordable range, but it’s a high-quality shirt that performs like a much more expensive piece of gear.

Isobaa’s 150 weight short sleeve warmth and weather tees are incredibly lightweight, so they’re great for warm-weather hikes. They also have a few heavier 180 weight long sleeve options for when it’s colder. They’re available in a variety of colors, including black and grey as well as red and blue.

Western Rise specializes in men’s clothing and all of their products are designed to be versatile, long-lasting wardrobe staples. Their StrongCore Merino tees are no exception, and they’re made with high-quality merino wool to help you feel your best while out on the trail or running in the city.

Sustainably sourced from independent, mulesing-free wool farms in Australia, this tee is made with 17.5 micron 100% wool sourced from WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified wool. It’s a soft, buttery-smooth tee that feels luxurious against the skin and is super breathable.

BD touts its Rhythm Tee as the world’s “lightest technical wool shirt.” It weighs just 95 grams per square meter, which is about 3.3 ounces. It’s significantly lighter than REI’s Merino Midweight tee and Voormi’s hoodie, both of which are around 100 grams per square meter.

While we love the BD tee, we also recommend the Ibex Journey Short Sleeve Crew Merino Tee. Its ultra-lightweight fabric is made from 89% merino wool with a nylon core, and the fit is flattering, without being too tight. The tee also has a curved hem that’s great for tucking into pants or jeans.

Ridge Merino’s Journey and Wander tees are made with 17.5-micron merino wool, so they’re silky-soft and itch-free. They’re so soft that they actually feel like a cozy, fluffy blanket.

The Harrier Base Layer is made from a combination of merino wool and nylon, but it’s still pretty lightweight, which makes it an ideal piece for cooler days on the trail. It’s incredibly breathable, with a mesh front and back to shed sweat rapidly.

As with all new merino wool gear, it’s important to break in the material before using it for extended periods of time, which means washing and wearing it a few times before you’re sure it’s the right fit. As with any new garment, you should expect it to be a little stiffer and itchy at first, but it will quickly get softer and silkier. If you notice any itchy spots, consider using lanolize or a wool softener before putting it in the wash to reduce irritation.

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