Singing Waiters

Singing waiters are a fun and unique way to entertain your guests at your next event, whether it’s a wedding, party or corporate function. They’re a great way to bring a touch of surprise to your event, which means your guests will never forget their experience.

They can sing a wide variety of songs, ranging from West End and Broadway musicals to classical music to popular songs from the top of the charts. They also enjoy adapting more modern songs to create a truly original performance that will be sure to delight and surprise your guests!

There are a range of singing waiters to choose from, and the act you select will depend on the size of your venue and the type of function you’re planning. Some acts will offer a solo secret singer option, while others are more likely to offer a duo or trio. This can be ideal for smaller events, such as your wedding breakfast, while larger weddings and parties tend to suit larger singing groups.

The equipment they use for their performance will vary wildly between singers, but it’s worth making sure that your chosen group can accommodate your specific requirements. Some will sing a capella, which means they require little or no equipment and can perform anywhere within your venue, while other acts will need to use backing tracks that require amplification – so it’s best to check with them first before booking.

If you’re planning to book a singing waiter outside, make sure that they can perform safely in the rain. They will need to know whether your venue has a cover for their equipment, and they may also require a power supply that can reach the outdoor area.

Typically, singers in disguise will work with a number of other members of the act, and each member has their own role to play – so it’s important that they are all on hand and ready to go at the right time. They’ll need to be able to change into their costumes, and they’ll need a changing room or private area where they can prepare themselves before they start singing.

Some secret wedding singers will perform in a separate area outside, so it’s vital to check that they can get into and out of their equipment quickly without causing disruption to the rest of your venue. Some will bring a pianist or keyboardist with them, so it’s also worth checking that they have enough space and access to their instrument at all times.

They can also perform a variety of different songs to suit your theme or the mood you’re trying to create. This can be an effective way to add a bit of variety to your event, and some singers will even take requests from their guests.

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose an act that you think will be best suited to your needs, and will give you the best service possible. This is especially true if you’re booking a surprise singing waiter to perform at your wedding, as the act you choose will have a lot of influence on how the show goes.

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