Photography in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland

Cairns & Tropical North Queensland is a photographer’s paradise with awe-inspiring landscapes, tropical rainforest, the Great Barrier Reef and plenty of fun activities to enjoy. From quaint resort hotels to luxury beachfront retreats you’ll be spoilt for choice. Ensure your camera is in a sealed bag or camera bag when not being used to protect from humidity that can fog the sensor. Also, take a lens cloth with you to wipe away any unwanted drips from the trees or splashes from the sea!

Get up early for sunrise at Pebbly Beach and capture some epic coastal scenery. The rocks here are dotted with balancing stones (cairns) which creates a cool composition along with the beautiful colours of the sea and rocky coastline. Also keep an eye out for rockpools that are filled with smooth stone, a landscape photographers dream scene.

Alternatively, stay on Fitzroy Island for an incredible sunrise experience at the photogenic Photography Cairns Nudey Beach. Here you can see the mountains that frame the sea, walk rainforest trails and meet some of the turtles who live on this little piece of paradise.

The Atherton Tablelands are a stunning surprise that is just a 90min drive from Cairns. Here you can hike on numerous trails that showcase mountain ranges and waterfalls in all their glory. Wedding photographers love this region too with tropical backdrops and lush forests providing some epic shots for the ultimate wedding album.

To get the most out of your camera, use a wide-angle lens that is optimized for real estate photography. It should have a focal length of 10-24mm, which will give you a wide-angle view. It’s a good idea to avoid ultra-wide lenses, which can create distortion.

Some real estate photographers also use extra lighting, especially when shooting exteriors. They can either use a flash or a softbox. They can even blend multiple exposures to make the final image. If you’re using a flash, consider getting one with a full range of settings. This way, you can adjust the intensity of the light to match the situation.

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